The Right blend for your Studio’s Theme and burning smoker’s food compared

Your love for smoked food as an artist can be portrayed as your studio theme. It depicts passion for smoked meals. It also helps you to publicize the health benefits smoked meals offer. You can opt to use food photographers who have a pile of smoked meals menus to accommodate all races and religion. Smoked meal as a theme when not use properly can cause miscommunication to the main agenda of the studio and a simple glance will depict a form of a restaurant.

It is recommended to get the services of an expert to ensure the addition does not override your mission and vision. You can have a pattern for them and choose an area you want the theme to focus on. You cannot get all the walls painted with smoked food paintings unless it is a smoked food eatery. Choose a corner, which acts as a gallery for smoked food accessories. The traditional smokers to the current smokers can be displayed on the walls( You can also have a model as a real life example of the paintings. They are also epic comparison of electric ones type of smokers.

The studio themes can be in different forms. Here are some examples

Wall painting

Wall painting is one idea to portray your passion for smoked food. You can have DIY paintings using modern sprayers, or wall hanging with beautiful pictures of your favorite smoker or smoked meal. You can also have a wallpaper customized with images of the smoked food ideas.

Entrance models

The entrance gives the first impression of the taste and passion of the studio owner. You can have a sculpture of an old model of the smoker. It offers a welcoming feeling to your guests.

Floor paintings

The floor can be one area to portray your passion for barbecue meals and its accessories. You can have customized doormat and wall- to-wall carpet with customized drawings of the theme.

Furniture models

You can have a chance of having furniture with smoked meals models. There are many woodworking projects, which can help you tailor your furniture to accommodate the theme.



The creative and innovative nature of artists can create a theme out of the weird ideas. The smoked meal is one of a crazy idea to include in your studio as a theme. If it is a music studio, you can theme your studio with the furniture arrangement to accommodate and eatery. Use tabletop smokers to design your furniture to portray the theme.


Using the smoked food as a theme has many great ideas within the theme. Let the food photographer or artist help you bring out the best visual outlook for your studio. Before you choose the theme, ensure you factor in your budget, the studio space and availability of material to use when changing or including the theme to suit your studio. Creativity and innovation will be the guide to ensure your studio has a total makeover incorporating the diet theme.