Email marketing automation as an art and science


Development of an Email marketing automation concept was because of someone coming in to provide an ultimate solution to emerging challenges in the marketing of their business enterprises. It is not easy to come up with such an application when you lack the passion and technological knowledge base to derive a conclusion. Art is a skill; software development does not require only the knowledge from the lecture halls but uses it together with your hands on skills to develop the application. Before you embark on the development, there must be a trigger, either you received an Email and you wanted to respond b
ut you did not like the outcome. This prompts you to research on better marketing software to solve this when you lack, it acts as a guide to the development of the marketing software.

Art as a visual tool

Marketing applications is a visual toolkit whose success is tangible and qualitative. When using a different programming language to create the marketing software application, you require artistic skills to add aesthetic value to the application. Art requires various artistic skills put in together to create one toolset. Some of the skills include logic, computer skills, analytical skills, research skills and comprehension skills.

Science as a cognitive concept

The Scientific concept requires cognitive thinking and in a systematic way to develop a concept that is applicable in all aspects. Development of Email marketing automation[] is not an activity you just wake up and create in hours. It requires a lot of imagination, thinking, and application of various computer concepts to make a coherent platform useful for all recipients and hosts.

Remember, the toolset if not just Email sending and receiving. You should create an application, which is systematic and self-explanatory to meet both novices and experts at the same time. One major characteristic of Email automation is numerous features like sales funnels, landing pages, social media integration and links to websites and further online marketing platforms. You need to have a comprehensive knowledge of how each of these features operates and the legal requirements and policies so that you do not violate any policies which might compromise your credibility and long legal battles which have heavy financial cost implications.

Science and nature

Science involves nature in their undertaking, although there is consulted human effort, they build upon what nature already has to offer. Email marketing automation communicates to their target audience about a product; it customize email automation with active campaign. It is upon the developer to ensure they study the human psychology on the perception of the product to use the right marketing campaign, which ensures it turns to sales revenue. Mastery of the human mind and cognitive thought to customize the application to provide timely solution involves both logic and scientific concept.

In conclusion, art and science are two phenomena that complement one another. They both work in unison on development, implementation, and maintenance of Email marketing solutions as they study the human mind together with what it perceives and undertake irrespective of race and location. The toolset must cater for the needs of the diverse human race.